Thursday, May 13, 2010

LSA Extraction

LSA Extraction from Morning Glory Seeds 
by Stretchman

LSA is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in many plants such as morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. It is chemically similar to LSD, but with slightly similar effects. In this article you can learn how to extract this component from the seeds of the common garden "pest", morning glory.
Acquire a large quantity of morning glory seeds. Keep in mind that 500 seeds equal one decent dose. Experiment on your own to find the gram/seed ratio which I have long since forgotten. Therefore, supply yourself accordingly (this could get expensive unless you grow your own). The following seeds have been used to awesome effect:

  • Heavenly Blue
  • Pearly Gates
  • Flying Saucers

Choose organically grown! Either that or spend a long time washing your seeds with dish soap, and that method is not exactly foolproof for ridding your seeds of any extracurricular poisons the nice people at the seed company have seen fit to include.

Also invest in some Petroleum Ether. This goes by the name of Naptha/Naphtha or Varnish Maker’s and Painter's Naphtha, available (last I checked) at [large hardware store] and other places. Not to be confused with diethyl ether, which is some bad shit, has to be disposed of by the bomb squad, etc. Don't fuck with that, get yourself some "pet. ether". Ostensibly free from adulterants, pet. ether is a handy solvent to have around the house.

Now, get a hold of the highest proof alcohol you can possibly obtain. Clear Spring grain alcohol is one of my favorites (180 proof) but the quality of the end product rests upon the highest proof alcohol you can get your hands on! Reagent grade ethanol, or some 200 proof shit from some reputable moonshiner (better make damn sure he/she's reputable, don't want lead poisoning from some refurbished auto part that has found new life as part of someone's still). On a related note, I wouldn’t recommend 151 Rum over a 100 proof beverage as rum has other shit dissolved in it that makes an extraction with 151 undesirable. Bigger is better, get some 180+ proof alcohol and go nuts, peoples. No half-measures here.


1. Grind seeds to powder. If you have an espresso grinder, awesome. I have had reasonable success with a regular coffee grinder. Pulse at no more than ten seconds at a time, (due to heat, and wear and tear on the machine), shaking during grind so that all the particles are evenly ground. Grind as fine as possible!

2. Place the seed powder into a Jar #1. Cover with petroleum ether. The guideline here is "can't use too much (petroleum ether), can use too little." 500 ml/500 seeds seems to be the basic rule, although a little extra ether can't hurt.

3. Put the lid on the jar and shake like crazy. Let sit for 20 minutes, shaking as much as you see fit.

4. Shake jar, then filter contents of the jar by pouring through a coffee filter into Jar #2. I find a strainer (with a diameter of 6" or so, equipped with coffee filter) useful.

5. If you like, save the filtered ether. You can get at least five more processing cycles out of it. Just don't drink it, please, for fuck's sake.

Most importantly, save the filter paper with seed powder on it!

6. Let the filter with the seed powder in it dry thoroughly. This could take several days.

7. In the interim, clean Jar #1 thoroughly.

8. Once the seed powder has dried, transfer this to the sparkly-clean Jar #1. Add 2-3oz. of alcohol per 500 seeds. Let this sit for three days, shake it if you like.

9. Filter the resulting substance. Discard the seed powder on the filter. Keep the alcoholic liquid for use.


The remaining liquid is what is known as tincture. 1-2oz. is standard for a decent mind-opening trip.

Author’s Notes:

The liquid extract will result in a wild, lucid trip, sort of like LSD but more visual. It is quite possible to do some intense reading on this plant; i.e. The Oxford Book of English Verse or Jung's Man and His Symbols. I remember dosing at night, and looking at the Xmas tree with wonder. I was also intrigued by the concept of circles, and toyed with the idea of rearranging the living room furniture into a circle. This plant gives you some strong-ass feng-shui. However, the prime time for this particular plant ally is morning. So, if you are still awake tripping, the sunlight streaming from the window will do magical things. My source says to dose at dawn for maximum communion with this fascinating plant.

To clarify, the LSAs as I have prepared them, are every bit as ragingly rugged as good old LSD, perhaps more so! The cleanness and the exceptional lucidity of the trip would make this, in my opinion, the ideal substance for the psychedelic neophyte. Either that or I just get along extraordinarily well with this particular plant.


  1. At any point in the process should I be concerned with light? I've read in other methods to use amber colored glass. What about when I'm drying the seed powder?

  2. Protecting from light is a good idea; especially strong/direct light. Dry them in a dark room; putting a fan on it can speed drying. You can also evaporate the tincture by this method to get a solid extract.

  3. Wouldn't the first 5 steps remove some of the LSA, being that you're running the seed power through a solvent?

  4. Petroleum ether is a nonpolar solvent. It doesn't dissolve LSA since LSA is polar.

  5. What if you have 91% isopropyl for the alcohol.

  6. 91% iso will also work. I would add an extra step of pouring the final tincture on a large, flat surface and letting the alcohol (or iso) fully evaporate as well. This can add days to the process, but you'll be left with a powdered lsa which can be capped and ingested.

  7. Could I use Ethanol for this process?

  8. So would this work with HBW as well. And if so what would be the dosing recomendation

  9. I have 100/120 petroleum ether, do I need to change something in the extraction process?

  10. What about using both the alcohol, and naptha in the same solution with the ground seeds, shaking it and letting it sit for 24 hours or so then draining off the naptha with a seperatory funnel? I think that would be the most efficient way

    1. Edit, after letting the ether/alcohol and seed solution sit, filter the ground seeds out, THEN use a separation funnel?

  11. what can I reaplace the naptha with

    1. Naphtha is non polar. So prolly any non polar solvent should work. But don't listen to me cuz I ain't for sure on that. Do your research. One thing I'll say is that most teks I've read about call for naphtha so I would use that. Just make sure you let that shit evaporate completely before moving on to the ethanol. Naphtha is hella poisonous.

  12. Swim has been dabbling in this area for a bit now, but using a much more novice approach. Swim has just been grinding hbwr seeds and soaking them in pure ethanol, filtering out the liquid through a coffee filter after a couple days once the liquid is yellowish brownish. Then swim let's the liquid evaporate, which leaves swim with an oil like substance with the desired alkaloids and more besides. Swim wants to refine that more. Got lots of oil. Anyone know of any tek where swim can purify the LSA using this oil? Or does swim just need more hbwr seeds to start over, using naphtha, then ethanol. Help much appreciated

  13. If anyone has read the guidelines of the BATFE an M-80 is comprised of 3 grams of the 70/30 Perchlorate Aluminium powder mixture. In a 1-3/4" closed tube. A M-100 is comprised of 9 grams of that mixture in a larger one. I use only 10 grams of that powder for my firecrackers to make a deafanly loud bang. The rule of thumb with this powder is that a little of it goes a very long way. If you try this, you'll agree with me, that the bang is loud enough in almost all instances.


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  15. You use a coffee filter for filtering the seed mush from the ethanol?

  16. Morning glory seeds, pure acetone and ethanol here are cheap, gotta try them out XD thanks

  17. And not a single pic is posted. Has anyone tried it?

  18. When you go to the ethanol im still getting some stuff trapped in the coffee filter and then later says you can let alcohol dry to get the alkanols so shouldnt the stuff trapped in the coffee filter be useful too? Are alkanols suppossed to be visible and sit on the bottom? Cause i dont want to get rid of useful stuff.